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Pest control services in Annandale, VA

I, Chris Weber, strongly believe that a pest control company is only as good as the services it provides. That's why Bug Busters offers a full lineup of pest control services. These services are all offered at affordable prices, and I offer a free estimate on every job before I get started. Below is a closer look at some of my most popular services.

Wood Destroying Insects

I offer quarterly inspections and prevention services for wood-destroying insects such as termites. After an inspection, I will inform you if the problem needs to be addressed or if anything needs fixing. In between visits, I help keep your home or business free of wood-destroying pests by laying a protective barrier around the foundation of your property. I also offer wood treatment options to protect the material during the “dry” stage of construction and post construction treatments that make termites stop feeding on wood as soon as they're applied.

Commercial Pest Control

Bug Busters offers state-of-the-art treatment options for commercial buildings both large and small. These treatments can keep insects such as carpenter bees and mosquitoes at bay for months at a time. I perform these services for buildings such as:

• Day care centers
• Car dealerships
• Commercial factories
• Medical facilities
• Office buildings
• Restaurants

Bed Bugs

I'm also trained in how to remove bed bugs from homes correctly. This is the single-most requested service that Bug Busters gets. When a bed becomes infested with bed bugs, it can be hard to notice at first. As these bugs continue to breed, they become a large nuisance and have to be dealt with professionally. If you think that you're infested with bed bugs, washing or heating your bed linens for several minutes sometimes stops the problem at the source. However, the room where the bed bugs are found must also be cleaned to prevent them from coming back.

For more information on the services that Bug Busters offers, contact me at (571) 512-2033 or at